Benefits Of Employee

Realigning the mind for greater innovation and experiences.
Rewarding Salary

To get the best out of people, we try to pay them the best, by offering competitive salaries based on experience and skill set.

Laid-back Environment

Convenient and casual is the norm at Centre Source. To work in the best possible way, many of us choose to dress in comfort over custom.


We provide twenty-four paid holidays throughout the year to make the experience as convenient as possible for the employees.

Exciting Events

A great bonus about the industry we work in is that there are a plethora of events. We offer unique learning opportunities to help you build your career.

Referral Program

We trust our employees know what’s best for our company. So we have a referral program where our employees can refer their acquaintances for jobs and are given rewards if they are hired and complete a certain period in the company.