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Application Management

At Centre Source, we are aware of how an application management process works. The lifecycle process for various software applications, which covers how an application operates, its vision, maintenance, version control, and upgrades from initial to final stages. All these get covered under our Application Management Services. With our Project Management App, your businesses get a boost as all the applications get managed effectively. With proper management, businesses evolve into a stronger entity bringing in more profits & ease to control as well as strategizing. The key application management processes include both Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Application Performance Management (APM). 

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

It is an application management process that takes care of an application from initial to final stages. ALM helps businesses evolve from traditional processes to modern agile, DevOps, and cloud-native applications. Enterprises that embrace ALM follow the norms of Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD) in-case-of applications with frequent releases. Three distinct phases of ALM comprise governance, development, and maintenance. 

Application Performance Management (APM)

APM focuses on the management of software application performance for ensuring an expected level of service, which is measured by performance metrics along with user-experience monitoring. It detects & pin-points application performance issues before real users get impacted. In effect, APM helps enterprises with optimizing their applications based on customers. 

Database Management System Software (DBMS)

DBMS helps enterprises to store & retrieve data while following appropriate security measures. Usually, the DBMS accepts a request for data from an application before instructing the operating system to provide specific data. The DBMS is pretty useful to our application programmers, at Centre Source, as proper data gets retrieved efficiently for various business-applications. 


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