IT Service Management & Help Desk

IT Service Management & Help Desk

Managed Services

IT Service Management & Help Desk

We, at Centre Source, houses an IT operations management department, which focuses on providing you with various services. Our managed services section takes care of all your IT-related services or issues with a dedicated staff at hand. With IT being one of the main pillars in business, we offer IT service management for all the ways you can maximize your IT potential. We, at Centre Source, is dedicated to you and as a way of showing you, let’s discuss the service we offer under our “managed services” wing:

IT Management Consulting

Our IT management consultants are the true decision-makers you can rely on for any kind of advice in the Information Security department. Strategize your IT department & streamline as well as fine-tune it to your daily business operations. The efficiency of business processes gets improved with the implementation of upgraded or new IT systems. Contact us to know more about managing your IT services/solutions. 

IT systems management

We, at Centre Source, offer an effective systems management plan/protocol that facilitates the delivery of IT as a service. The main advantage: it does allow the employees in an organization to accurately respond to changing business environments, which keep evolving based on the latest trends. The hybrid IT environment you create through us involves overseeing the perfect design & day-to-day operations of your data centre. It also helps with integration to third-party cloud services as per your business needs. Contact us to know more.

IT support management or IT service management (ITSM)

Businesses rely on proper IT service management for achieving profitability. ITSM deals with all that is related to your IT including maintenance of computers. We, at Centre Source, provide you with the best in ITSM. The benefits include a better understanding of your business processes, higher IT service-ability that boosts the business productivity, increased cost efficiency, and managing customer expectations better among others. Just contact us and we are happy to help you with your IT services.

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